Urgent Care Clinics

The Wood Insurance Group is the premier national brokerage for Urgent Care Clinics and has developed specific expertise beyond other national brokerages. The program is represented by highly rated insurers with significant claims handling experience. The Wood Insurance Group has established risk based evaluation tools that are specific to the Urgent Care industry.  Our risk management assistance allows Urgent Care Clinic owners to pay less for their insurance and provide higher quality services to their patients.

The Wood Insurance Group has provided coverage to Urgent Care Clinics for 25 years.  The Wood Insurance Group has developed strong ties to UC clients through sharing knowledge, identifying Best Practice ideas, and by relaying these ideas back to insurers.


  • "Best Practice" guidelines for reduced rates
  • UC specific insurance products
  • Educational support for risk reduction
  • Risk management support
  • Underwriting expertise
  • Claims assistance
  • FTE model for part-time doctors
  • Expert service to all clients, large and small


  • $1,000,000 per claim/$3,000,000 aggregate with up to $15,000,000 overall aggregate (higher or lower limits apply in certain states)
  • Per visit rating
  • Growth allowance for ratable visits
  • Ratings consider the types and number of visits
  • Ability to assume prior acts for active and departed providers
  • Defense expenses for administrative, regulatory, and disciplinary hearings
  • Options for defense expense inside or outside the limit
  • No tail charge for providers who leave your group. They are covered while they worked for you as long as the policy continues to be in force.
  • Several deductible options
  • Easily add and subtract providers during the policy year 

For additional information and to receive a quotation, please contact David Wood by phone (800) 695-0219 ext 270, fax (602) 230-8207, or e-mail.  We look forward to learning more about you and discussing your specific insurance needs.